Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wouldn't it look funny: A dog trying to be a bird?

When I was young in my Jung SuWon training (maybe 3 years in), I was really striving to get better and better. I wanted to be the best. At that time it is a very natural thing to compete and look at others. Some were really good at flying kicks. Other people were very flexible, and could do incredible kicks. Others could do back flips and front flips. Sometimes I would get depressed, and put myself down. But my master (Great GrandmasterTae Yun Kim) let me know, that each one of us was special and unique. And that I had to find my own strengths and courage. I remember she used to tell me, "wouldn't it be funny if you saw a dog trying to be a bird, or a bird trying to be a dog. It would be ridiculous. A dog trying to fly would be lost. Each animal has their own strength, and they have to recognize and excel at their speciality." I always remember that story, and I always remind myself. It allows me to focus on me, and not looking or judging others. God gave us each great gifts. Lets find those gifts, polish them up, and use them to better our lives, protect our loved ones, and better the lives of those around us.

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