Saturday, August 30, 2008

Foxhole Qualified?

As a Jung SuWon Warrior, look to surround yourself with people that are loyal and will not become traitors. This is not easy. Human nature will always be against you. People tend to become lazy. They are easily effected by rumors, and negative energy will attack people when they are weak and tired. Also, as people go through hard times, they will do anything they can to protect themselves, even at the expense of their friends.

As you look at stories throughout history, the reoccuring theme of traitors constantly comes up. From the times of Jesus, there was Judas.

Be careful how to choose your friends. Look for people that are foxhole qualified. People that you would trust your life with. If you can find those people, even 1, you will be truly blessed.

Also, watch yourself. Make sure you never betray those you love or respect. Be a Jung SuWon Warrior and be loyal to your purpose, your teachers, and your friends.

Foxhole qualified. That means

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