Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Is Science Finally Catching Up?

Science is finally catching up to the Energy teachings of Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim.  Is light a particle or wave?  Scientists continue to debate this subject and can’t fully understand this, but progress and advancement continues.
Now there are theories that it can be either, depending upon the surrounding environment.  That is crazy to think about.  And yet, Dr. Kim always said – “Your thoughtscreate your universe”, and “You are the center of your own universe”.  What if through our thoughts we can controlthe energy around us, and it helps to even determine the state of a light particle.  

I have been a student of Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s teachings for many years, and I love the debate and the possibilities that this has opened up.  Dr. Tae Yun Kim has emphasized for years that your thoughts create your reality ( see Seven Steps to Inner Power:  http://www.taeyunkim.com/about/author/index.php ).
This says that we are all co-creaters, and that what we think, and what we project through our attitudes and behaviors do change our surroundings.  Just think about the reality of that.  We can change our reality.  We can change our stars.

But many people are doubters, and say, that doesn’t really work.  You can’t really control your environment and you either get lucky or not.  What happens in the world is completely random, and your ability to affect your future is very limited.
I completely disagree with that, because I have seen the results many times. 
If I have a limited or negative view, and if I let the energy and my surroundings control me and take me down, then I live in a negative space, and many negative things happen.  My whole world seems down, and I can drop into a deep depression.

But if I live with an optimistic view, if I take control of my energy and attitudes, and generate happy feelings, I can radiate, and I can create a more peaceful, creative and happy environment.  I can wake up every day with a positive mental attitude.  Things around me will be brighter and better.

So my thoughts and attitudes do make a difference.

That is why I am so amazed at Dr. Kim’s teachings, ie., “your thoughts become your reality”.  I have experienced it so many times, and it is real and it works.  Let science continue to debate it and argue it, but I am going to live it. 

Lets take it to the extreme, what if we could actually create our afterlife, by our actions and how we think about it?  If we believe nothing exists, we may go into nothingness.  If we believe and live in a world of lying, anger, and deceit could we possibly be creating our own hell?  And yet if we believe in God, and his grace, and in a beautiful afterlife, and if we believe in a heavenly place where can be with our family and friends, could we be creating our future?

I chose to be positive and optimistic and to live a good clean life, helping others, with purpose and meaning.  What do you choose?

  There are many lessons here from Dr. Tae Yun Kim. 

1.     Your thoughts become your reality.  You are a Co-creater.  -> Your thoughts do matter.  These are seeds that manifest themselves into reality.  Watch your thoughts.  Through training you can clear your mind and make yourself calmer and more peaceful.

2.     You are the center of the universe.  You see the universe through you, and therefore you create the world around you.  Be positive and create a beautiful world for yourself.  Have faith in God, and our future.  The act of having faith in God, may be the key.  Remember if you don’t believe, that also creates your reality. 

3.      Never give up.  This is true in the physical world, but also in our spiritual world.  A situation may seem impossible, but with creative energy and the spirit of “He Can Do, She Can Do, Why Not Me!”, anything can be accomplished. 

He Can Do, She Can Do, Why Not Me!”  is Dr. Kim’s motto, and was inspired from the bible, Matthew 14.27.  God teaches us to always have faith and to have courage.  We have to apply that to our lives.  She says, “Be the master of your life.”

4.    As instructors, teach and show your students how to grow and learn and improve in everything they do.  Teach them and motivate them to be positive and optimistic about their training and the world around them.  Teach them to be good to others, and only use the art in self-defense.  Teach them that their thoughts and actions do matter, and help them to develop a positive mental attitude.

Thank you.  God Bless you.
Ju Han, J

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Teach the Next Generation

Teach the Next Generation - They need our help!!!

  - Here is Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim teaching - she has dedicated over 40 years of her life to teaching and helping others to take charge of their lives and to me more positive.  What an incredible causeDr. Kim leads by example.  It motivates me everyday to do more...

Thanks To Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim
and the Jung SuWon Academy of Martial Arts.

The Champagne Technique:

A few years back, Chairman Tae Yun Kim was helping a troubled company, called CompanyX.  CompanyX really needed cash and decided to finance the company using Factoring.  It tried to get money through normal conventional lending, like banks, but at the time they were too new, and didn’t have the appropriate track record.  On the surface, this new method of financing, Factoring, looked very attractive.  It was based on AR invoicing.  So every time the company sent out an invoice, they could get a short term loan for up to 80% of the value of the invoice. 
This gave the company the cash it needed to survive and grow.  It provided quick cash, and that was the life blood of any company.  So the company signed up and started using the Factoring money. 

But, about 1 year later, they would find out, that the details of the deal were important.  The Factoring company advertised a very low interest rate, like 1.5%.  But that rate was charged on the initial loan, and every 15 days. 

So the company moved along happily doing business.  Cash was flowing and things seemed better than ever.  But about a year or so later, cash started to become tight again.  Something didn’t seem right.  So they were driven to drive Sales harder.  But as hard as they drove, things were getting tighter and tighter.  Things were so good.  Now they were tight again, and getting tighter and tighter.  How did things get so bad again?  The stress was mounting.

In the background, unknown to CompanyX, their debt to the Factoring Company kept growing.  Finally the company called in Dr. Tae Yun Kim to help.  She recommended a financial expert who was called in to help.  They calculated that the annual percentage rate they were paying on the borrowed money was about 44%.  What?  Impossible?  But True.  Crazy.  How in today’s society is this even legal?  The going rate for money was only 10% and they were paying 44%.  It was no wonder why things were so bad.  This was in the original deal, but they didn’t pay attention.  At the time, it didn’t seem important.  They were only looking for short term relief and gain.  But now they had to pay the price.

CompanyX went to the Factoring Company and wanted to get out.  Of course it was no problem, if they paid everything off and followed the termination clauses in the contract.  But at the time, all the company wanted was cash and would do anything for it.  They never really read the contract, especially the termination agreement.  But the contract said, that when it came time to terminate, that they needed 90 day notice and they had to pay an average of the last 3 months finance charges as a “get out fee”.  Also, on top of that, since the accounting and the reporting hadn’t been perfect, the Factoring Company had the right to charge an additional $400,000 penalty, before they could terminate.  This seemed like highway robbery. 

CompanyX thought to themselves.  We have been paying them tremendous interest all this time, surely if we go to the CEO, they will cut us some slack and let us out of this contract.  Surely he will help us.  So they went to the CEO of the Factoring Company, and he explained that they had a business to run too, and they were going to follow the contract.  Sorry, but pay up, or lose your business.  Crazy, no sympathy, no help, nothing.  That is the cold business world.  Everything seemed helpless.

At this point, Dr. Kim advised them to use the Champagne Technique.  In brief, they were advised to take a big bottle of Champagne over to the Factoring company, and have a celebration with the Factoring company CEO and team, and negotiate under better conditions and energy.

But the The CEO of CompanyX never thought this would work.  The Factoring Company CEO already said he wouldn’t do it.  The CEO of CompanyX felt trapped, and thought this was going to blow up and that lawyers and law suits would be involved.  It was cost millions, and where was that going to come from?  The stress continued to build.  This situation was close to exploding.

But they followed through as Dr. Kim advised, and they took ice cream and cake and celebrated the good relationship, and thanked the Factoring Company team for helping them get to the next level.  During that time, Dr. Kim discussed off – business topics, like how their kids were doing in the martial arts, and personal things. 

Dr. Kim created the energy and conditions for creative solutions.  The contract was pulled out and all the terms were agreed to over the champagne celebration, and the $400,000 penalty was waived.  Halleluah!!!  It worked.  With the help of God, a lot of praying, Dr. Kim changed the energy of the situation, and helped create a win win solution for everyone.   It was awesomeness to the 10th degree.

Dr. Tae Yun Kim saved this company, and the company went on to be profitable and sustainable.  Yahoo!!

Summary:  There are many lessons here. 

1.     If you look for shortcuts to get ahead, make sure to look into the details.   For example, you may go to a school where you get your blackbelt sooner, but what are you sacrificing for the short term gain.  Are you really gaining anything? 
2.     Never give up.  The situation seemed impossible, but with creative energy and the spirit of “He Can Do, She Can Do, Why Not Me!”, anything can be accomplished. 

He Can Do, She Can Do, Why Not Me!”  is Dr. Kim’s motto, and was inspired from the bible.  God teaches us to always have faith and to have courage.  We have to apply that to our lives.

Remember to always help others.  Self-defense usually refers to personal self-defense, but this is a case where Chairman Kim reached out to help a company struggling in business.  This business effected thousands of peoples live.  Thank you Dr. Kim for all your love and wisdom.  Thank you for teaching us to be positive in life and help others.  

Dr. Tae Yun Kim, teaches these types of lessons to many people through her Jung Suwon Academy, her books like Seven Steps to Inner Power.  Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim is her formal title, and she makes a positive difference in millions of people's lives.  Lets all do our part and learn and help others.  
Thank you.  God Bless you.  :)