Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Particles - if matter is made up of particles,
what is energy made up of?

It is certainly very perplexing... you look around you and you notice the apparently concrete nature of all the things you interact with (like desks, chairs, computers, etc.). These things are termed matter and you know that matter is made up of particles (like electrons, protons, and neutrons). That makes sense, right? Particles must be just miniature versions of what you see... maybe like little balls or solid spheres... that make up all the "things" around you... But energy? What the heck is that? You've never felt energy... never seen it. Or have you? In fact, energy is all around you and interacts with you constantly.

Inspired by Tae Yun Kim - Great Grandmaster of the martial arts.

What about happiness or anger energy? What about positive or negative energy? What about confidence or fear energy? All these are made up of miniature versions of what you see and feel. Tae Yun Kim - Grandmaster of Jung SuWon Martial Arts, reminds us we must be completely aware and alert of our energy and the energy around us. Just when we think everything is going smoothly, those small particles of opposite energy are forming and preparing their assault on our well being. This is the principle of Yin-yang. You must first be aware of this phenomena, and then diligently monitor yourself for invading particles. Meditation helps this tremendously. They you must be disciplined and fight and win. Thus Jung SuWon Martial Arts - the art of overcoming. As a warning, watch out for those particles of arrogance. Often they fool you into thinking you are okay and on the right track. Be aware, and be truthful to yourself.