Monday, May 28, 2012

Beauty & Strength

Beauty and Strength      

Isn’t this flower incredibly beautiful?  It’s beauty and smell in really amazing.  Nature at its very best.  Also I love the stories Great Grandmaster TaeYun Kim told me about flowers.  One story emphasized how strong the flower is.  It looks so soft and delicate, and yet is stays outside day and night.  Can you do that?  The flower is in the blazing sun all day.  You should try that.  Sometimes after being outside only 1-2 hours, I am too hot.  But the flowers continue to dance in the wind, and shine in the sun. 

Yet all this mean nothing if we don’t take care of the root.  The root is the foundation.  The root is the source of energy.  We need to take care of the root at all costs.  We must stand up and protect the root.

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