Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Going beyond your limits!

I was reflecting back over my training at Jung SuWon Academy under Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim.  The more I read Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim's new book - SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER - How to Break Through to Awesome,  the more I realize how special the training really is.  I was taught how to stretch my mind, and to go beyond my limits and I didn't even know what was really happening.

As a white belt I was taught very basic techniques.  We never practiced breaking boards or anything else in the martial arts classes.  As I progressed through each rank I was challenged little more each time.  I was taught to face those challenges, no matter how scary they might have seemed, and at each testing the degree of difficulty was increased, until I was finally doing things I never thought possible.  This was incredible.

But then GGM ( Great Grandmaster ) Tae Yun Kim has us apply it to things in our daily lives.  Maybe in our careers, or in our relationships.

The statement "Your thoughts create reality" seems simple at first, but what happens when you are facing seeming impossible odds, how do you take the doubt out of your mind and just have positive focused thoughts?  How do you prevent your inner voice from constantly nagging you.  On your way to success you are bound to have small set backs.  Does your mind, then kick in, and say "I told you so".  I just won't work.  Or is your belief so strong, that you know that if you stay focused you will make your thoughts become reality?

In practice, this is amazingly strong, and I thank GGM Tae Yun Kim for teaching me, and then challenging me to put this into practice.  If you want to learn more, you can either train in the art of Jung SuWon, or read Seven Steps to Inner Power, and learn  to apply it to your life.

I will give more examples next time, but this has been an amazing journey of learning and realization for me.

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Thank you,
Scott Salton

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