Friday, January 5, 2018

3 Tools of the Jung SuWon Warrior

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim teaches us that traditional martial arts warrior carries tools or weapons appropriate to his profession.  She also teaches us 3 tools that will accompany you throughout your entire practice of Jung SuWon.  Balance - Awareness - Visualization.

Balance:  The knowledge of balance will be the armor you wear so you can travel fearlessly through any experience life brings to you.

Yin-Yang Symbol:

Rather than thinking of yin and yang as opposites, think of them as giving rise to each other.  This happens in 2 ways.  First, we can say that fullness gives rise to the concept of emptiness, because fullness automatically, by one definition, means that which is not empty; so in a way, fullness automatically creates the concept of emptiness.
Here's an example that shows yin and yang at work in your body.  You've noticed that you are energetic and active for a period ( yang increasing ), but at a certain point you must allow your energy to turn into relaxation and quiet.  Being relaxed and quiet is the yin state, and when that state is fulfilled, it flows into the yang state and you become active again.  They yin and yang states balance your energy so that you are neither dangerously over-exerting nor stagnantly passive.

Here is another example having to do with your conditions around you:  It's easy to want to change a bad condition into a good one, and easy to make the choice to do so.  But what about when a good condition changes into a bad one and you didn't choose that?  The knowledge of balance and change is a tool here as well.  This knowledge helps you keep your perspective when changes you didn't expect occur.  For instance, now you know that times of increase and fullness carry the seeds of decrease and emptiness-- that in times of abundance you may find that some form of decrease occurs.  But, you also know that with this decrease, there is inevitably the seed of a new increase, meant to give you even more than you had before.  Decrease and emptiness are not necessarily negative states.  They may be serving a purpose:  to take away that which may be standing in your way of greater good.

For more information on this subject see, Seven Steps to Inner Power - Breakthrough to Awesome,
by Dr. Tae Yun Kim

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