Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ki Is Inner Power

  What is ki?  In 2 words, ki is inner power!  The breath of life, the power of the universal life force manifesting in you.

Later in this chapter I will share with you a story of how one of my students worked to develop his ki power and turned a suicidal life into one filled with joy, radiance, and achievement.  Like my student, you can learn to access and increase your ki power.  But sometimes it shows its power to you before you even know what it is.  Have you heard stories about people who perform amazing feats of strength or endurance, such as a mother who lifts a car off her child trapped underneath?

 Or perhaps you've heard of a person who walks several miles on a broken leg to seek help... or a feeble person who suddenly finds the strength to break down a door in a fire.. or a person with terminal cancer who suddenly experiences total remission. 

By Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim
Page 1, First Element
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Angela Sommers said...

I have followed this blog for a while now and I anticipate every post - really enjoy the positive messages. Keep them coming - Dr. Tae Yun Kim's message does reach out far!

SarahAlexSmile:) said...

Very powerful message...thank you for sharing!!

SarahAlexSmile:) said...

I just saw the movie Deepwater Horizon...Mr. Jimmy in the movie definitely used Ki power to take action even after he was completely injured by shooting glass!!